Yamaha b1 PWH

In beispielhafter Weise verkörpert das B1 die Konstruktionsprinzipien von Yamaha, wobei der Begriff "Wertigkeit" hierbei gewissermaßen neu definiert wird. Die Yamaha Qualitätsstandards werden in jeder Hinsicht eingehalten - was das B1 zum Stolz eines jeden Besitzers macht - während das gute Preis-Leistungsverhältnis ihn gleichermaßen erstaunt und erfreut.

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Affordable Quality

Produced at a Yamaha factory in Indonesia from a scale design developed in Japan, b Series pianos are Yamaha’s most affordable entry-level uprights. Although reduced production costs allow budget-friendly prices, Yamaha makes no compromises in the materials and workmanship that go into these exceptional uprights.

Quality Components, Quality Sound

Supported by four sturdy wooden back posts and a strong cast iron frame, b Series pianos are endowed with Yamaha’s renowned pure, clear tone. High-grade hammers and a proven action design offer effortless playing and a highly responsive keyboard ‘touch’ that make these uprights ideal for beginning players.


Yamaha’s b Series features pianos in a range of heights, widths, and depths. The b1 and b2 boast slender profiles, making them ideal for small spaces. With its larger dimensions and heavier construction, the b3 upright requires a little more room but brings a rich, far-reaching sound.

88 Tasten

3 Pedale

  • Breite 148 cm.
  • Höhe 109 cm.
  • Tiefe 54 cm.
  • Gewicht 174 kg.